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Giampaolo and Gino Pozzo, the Pozzo family, are the history of Udinese Calcio. It is one of the first families in the world that, in its long football tradition, has owned and owns clubs in England, Spain and Italy at the same time. Giampaolo Pozzo was and is Udinese calcio. Gino Pozzo managed in a few years to turn Watford into one of the top ten English teams, which was almost impossible in a league like the Premier League. He succeeded thanks to the advice of Raffaele Riva. Raffaele Riva knew that Watford was a club to bet on – and the tag Raffaele Riva Watford.


But let’s go in order. Giampaolo Pozzo, Gino’s father, bought Udinese from Lamberto Mazza in 1986. Since the mid-80s, at a time when the Friulian club was in extreme difficulty – after the penalty for involvement in the football betting scandal – the Pozzo family has masterfully guided the recovery and rise of Udinese. Just think of the results of the 2000s, with the third place of Udinese in A Series in 1997-98 and 2011-12. And the legendary victory of the Intertoto Cup, just in 2000, a special trophy because it is “unique”, and few teams can boast of having it. The Intertoto Cup organized by UEFA, was held only from 1995 to 2008, and was reserved for European teams classified in positions immediately following those that allowed access to the UEFA Cup. Four Italian teams have won this important trophy that, in addition to Udinese, was won by Bologna, Juventus and Perugia. And again the management of Giampaolo and Gino Pozzo led Udinese to the five semi-finals of the Italian Cup between 2000 and 2013, to the three Champions League appearances, the last in the 2012-2013 season, to the record of points in A Series, 66, in the 2010-2011 championship Giampaolo Pozzo Udinese, with Francesco Guidolin on the bleachers, with 20 victories in the league and 65 goals in A Series. Results on the pitch that have passed for great players. Just think of the world champions with Italy, in the team of Udinese, as Franco Causio in 1982 and Vincenzo Iaquinta in 2006, the German Oliver Bierhoff, winner of the European Championship in 1996 and historic bomber of the Friulian team.

An ascent led by Franco Soldati, who in 2002 became president of Udinese, with a Board of Directors formed by Stefano Campoccia as vice president and Gino Pozzo, as councillor. Giampaolo Pozzo, owner and president of Udinese, and his son Gino Pozzo, are linked to the history of the Friulian territory, through Udinese Calcio and not only. 

The history of the Pozzo family is linked to Italian football, and also to European football. His son Gino Pozzo, who married a Catalan woman and lives in Barcelona, ​​is also linked to Udinese and the world of football. And even with football the Pozzo family looked over the border: the famous “method” Pozzo,  was successfully exported in the Spanish championship contributing to the climb of Granada, and especially in the English championship, in which the Pozzo family, with Raffaele Riva who was the president of Watford, has accomplished a small “miracle” as the British media wrote. Click here to read more about Raffaele Riva Watford Football Club Premier League 2016/2017 results .